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Total Defence Day 2020

On the 15th of February every year, Singaporeans commemorate Total Defence Day as a reminder of Singapore’s fall to the Japanese in 1942.

This year’s theme was “Together We Keep Singapore Strong”, and it is a significant year as we were introduced to the 6th Pillar of Total Defence – Digital Defence.

Activities for the students included:

Economic Defence Savings Box Craft

Students were given the opportunity to create their own savings box that they can put their own savings into.


Digital Defence Password Bookmark Activity


Students were taught on the criteria for creating strong passwords, and were given the opportunity to put what they learned into practice by creating their own unique passwords.

Military Defence Army Equipment Display

Students were treated to a hands-on exhibition displaying military equipment like modern uniforms, army bags, vests and personal protective equipment.


Red Cross Handwashing and Hygiene Awareness

In light of the current COVID-19, students were taught to be responsible in maintaining their own personal hygiene at all times. Students were taught the proper way to wash their hands by the Red Cross staff and students.


Racial Harmony Day 2019

On 21st July each year, schools commemorate Racial Harmony Day (RHD) to mark the anniversary of the 1964 racial riots. On this day, students will reflect on and celebrate Singapore as a harmonious society built upon a rich diversity of cultures. This year, students in Peiying Primary School were transported back to Singapore in the past to learn more about the traditional trades, games, crafts and lives of our pioneers and how they have evolved over the years into a rich tapestry of culture and heritage!

Activities for the students included:

RHD Opening Play
Watch as Ramanujan, a dhobi, work hand in hand with the people around him to fight for a better future!

Peiying Pop Quiz Star! 
Participate in a daily trivia quiz about our culture and heritage!

Our Games: Then and Now 
Play traditional games from the good old kampung days, and reflect about how the lives of Singpaoreans have evolved

Our Crafts: Then and Now
Learn how to make traditional layang-layang and tie Chinese knots and consider how traditional crafts can be a part of modern living

Trades of Our Past
Look out for students dressed in the costumes of the olden day tradesmen like the Kacang Putih Man, Satay Uncle, Samsui Women and Mata-mata!



The learning does not stop there. Students are given the opportunity to reflect on the activities and share their thoughts on the ways in which life in Singapore has 

changed over the years or stayed the same.

Newspaper collection 2019

The primary 6 students collected newspapers for their Values in Action (VIA) activity this year. The students went to the neighbouring HDB blocks around the school to collect newspapers donated by the residents. They learnt to persevere although the newspapers were heavy and it was a hot day. 


The students worked together to bring all the newspapers back to school. In their reflections, the students felt that it was a meaningful activity as the money that was raised through the sale of newspapers was used to buy seeds for hydroponics. The hydroponic seeds would be planted by teachers. The vegetables harvested would be given to the needy families through the RCs. All in all, the students enjoyed the activity and felt that it was a meaningful morning.





The PRIDE Star Awards Ceremony is held annually to recognize students who have consistently demonstrated the PRIDE values of Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Diligence and Empathy. Awardees are selected based on a set of criterias from each value and are also supported by citations from their teachers. Students whom have demonstrated the same value consecutively for two years were also awarded the ‘Superstar Award’. The PRIDE Star Awards seek to encourage all students to continuously demonstrate the values of Peiying in all aspects of their life.






Home Visit 

Peiying Primary School arranged visits to the Woodlands Care Home and Lion Befrienders. The Learning Journey was part of the Primary 5 VIA activities. Pupils were very happy to participate in this rare opportunity. They prepared some performance for the elderly. They also worked in teams to create games and hands on activities suitable for the elderly.  The elderly were very happy and they enjoyed the moments with the pupils.  The pupils have enjoyed themselves too as this Learning Journey has also taught them important values such as compassion and appreciation.


Hari Raya Puasa Celebrations

Hari Raya Aidilftiri, or Hari Raya Puasa, was celebrated by all students and staff of the school on 27 May 2019. During assembly, a Hari Raya skit was performed. With the theme of “Raya Together”, students watched the skit about how Hari Raya is celebrated by a typical family in Singapore, and some lucky students were able to participate in parts of the skit, with some funny and touching moments.


In their classes, students completed level activities such as Hari Raya decorative mobiles and word searches. 


In addition, recess activities were conducted for all P1 to P6 students on 28 and 29 May 2019.
Students were delighted and excited to learn how to make Hari Raya green envelopes and mini ‘Bunga Mangga’.


English Language Fiesta

With the theme of Joy of Learning English, the English Language department organised its annual English Language Fiesta this year in April. The event was launched on 1 April 2019, with a book talk held by NLB. 


Throughout the month, level activities such as Spelling Bee, Choral Reading and Reader’s Theatre were conducted, and students had the opportunity to mingle with characters from Fairy Tales as ‘Book Characters Come Alive’ during recess. 


They were also entertained by a hilarious skit by the English Drama Club, storytelling sessions and borrowed books through the Book-to-Go programme by NLB. 





International Friendship Day

The school commemorated International Friendship Day on 8 April 2019. Picture5.png
The theme for this year’s celebration was “Connected Communities”.

To kick start the celebration, our teachers shared with the pupils the objectives of the commemoration. There was also an assembly programme that displayed the various ASEAN dances. Through this performance, we hope that pupils are aware of International cultures through the performing arts.  


We also hope that pupils will be able to demonstrate respect and harmony when building friendships with people from different countries. Mother Tongue Teachers and Social Studies Teachers carried out IFD lesson packages with pupils. The interactive Learning Wall showcased the different ASEAN Music and Dance to pupils. 


‘Let’s Unite @ Recess’ that comprises of ‘Let’s Boogie’ and ‘E-Explore ASEAN’ were other highlights of the International Friendship Day Commemoration. 

Pupils watched a dance video on the screen and danced along. Teachers joined in the fun too! The dance encouraged teamwork and harmony amongst the pupils as well as the teachers. 



At the
‘E-Explore ASEAN’, pupils came in pairs to explore more about ASEAN through Kahoot. 

We hope that the International Friendship Day commemoration was an enriching experience for all the pupils and staff.

Primary 4, 2-Day 1 Night Cultural Experience

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-04 at 08.53.22.jpeg
April was an exciting and memorable month for our Primary 4 students. They embarked on a 2 days learning journey to the 3 ethnic districts, Chinatown, Kampong Glam and Little India to foster the idea of unity through diversity.  

Students also had an opportunity to stay one night at the Nanyang Girls’ Boarding School. The objectives of the cultural experience are as follows:

  • To appreciate Singapore's rich and diverse culture

  • To interact with peers in a different context and develop care and concern for one another through experiential activities

  • To develop character through
    > inculcating values such as resilience, perseverance, respect and empathy
    > building competencies such as relationship management, responsible decision-making, social awareness and self-management



WhatsApp Image 2019-04-04 at 14.09.27.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2019-04-04 at 19.10.47.jpeg

Cyber Wellness @ Peiying 2019

Peiying had its annual Cyber Wellness Week on 17 February 2019 this year. The focus for this year is
Picture1.pngOur students learned more about "Being Safe Online" and "Netiquette". We took the Cyber Wellness Pledge as a school. 

The recess activities that followed the next two days covered the focus for this year as well as the other topics of Cyber Wellness: Balanced Use of ICT, Cyberbullying and Evaluating Online Information.

Our students had the chance to learn about these through various means such as laptops activities, iPad game (Privacy Pirates), a Kahoot Quiz etc.

They were also delighted to see Peiying's very own Cyber Wellness Mascot, CYBER ROBO, during the assembly programme and the respective recesses. 

Total Defence Day



On 15 February 1942, Singapore fell to the Japanese.

Peiying Primary School commemorates Total Defence Day in February every year as a reminder of the importance of defending Singapore ourselves. 

The theme for this year is “Together we keep Singapore Strong”. During assembly, the teachers highlighted the importance of Total Defence and encouraged everyone to play their part to contribute to Total Defence.


Through the recess activities, the students learnt about life during the Japanese occupation and picked up some first aid skills from the Red Cross members. 

While enjoying the team building games, they learnt about the importance of teamwork in Total Defence. They participated in a fire drill and consolidated their learning of Total Defence through the class room activities.


Chinese New Year Celebrations


The school celebrated Chinese New Year on Monday 4 February 2019 to usher in the Year of the Pig. On that day, students learned about the significance of the zodiac animals in Chinese culture. 


They also learned how Chinese New Year was celebrated in the olden days in Singapore, as well as how some of the school staff celebrated the day when they were young. There was also a performance by a lion dance troupe which delighted both students and staff! 

Recess activities for the levels were conducted on 7 and 8 February 2019, where students learned how to make paper fortune cookies and paper wallet.  



Prize Presentation 

20181116 Pei Ying Primary Awards-87.jpgOur previous Speech and Prize Presentation Ceremonies, has been reorganised as of 2018, into four main parts. 

The intent is to provide recognition to a wider range of achievements by students, and for the entire cohort of students to witness the celebrations as a form of motivation to them. 

The four parts are, the PRIDE Star Awards Ceremony which was held for Primary 1 students on 24 October 2018, the Appreciation Day which we witnessed at the end of Year 2018, and two Prize Presentation Ceremonies held this year in January
 2019 for the primary 2 and 3 and primary 4 and 5 cohorts of 2018. 

20181116 Pei Ying Primary Awards-117.jpg
The Prize Presentation Ceremonies and Appreciation Day also brought together other key events -- where the graduating cohort of students showed appreciation to their teachers for the holistic education they had received in their six years in Peiying Primary School, and where we gave recognition to staff for their Long Service to the school and Outstanding Contributions, and last but not least, to our Parent Support Group members for their dedicated services to the school. Hence, these are very special occasions for us.