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Singapore Youth Festival 2019

Our school submitted two pieces of art work for the SYF Art Exhibition 2019: 'Thumbprint Singapura' and 'Food Makes Us One'. We are proud of our students' effort and creativity in producing these art pieces. 'Thumbprint Singapura' is exhibited at the National Museum of Singapore from 6th July to 21st July 2019. We hope that you will be able to bring your children to view the exhibits.

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Calendar of Events
2 May SA1 P3 EL & MTL Oral (AM)
SA1 P5 EL & MTL Oral (PM)

no MTL supp lessons for P5-P6
 3 MaySA1 P3 EL & MTL Oral (AM)
P2 LSP Learning Journey (AM)
 7 MaySA1 P4 EL & MTL Oral (PM)

no remedial and supp lessons
 8 MaySA1 HTML Paper 1
 9 MaySA1 P3 - P6 MTL Paper 1 
 10 MaySA1 P3 - P6 EL Paper 1  
 13 MaySA1 P3 - P6 Science / Foundation Science

World Red Cross Day Observance 
 14 May SA1 MTL Paper 2
P6 FMTL Paper 1
 15 MaySA1 EL/FEL Paper 2 
 16 MaySA1 MATH/FMA 

P4 CCM Makeup Lesson
 17 MaySA1 HTML Paper 2 
 20 May* Vesak Day PH * 
 21 May P4 LJ to Frog Farm (4P, D and E) 

Return of SA1 Scripts.
 23 MayP3/P5 Key Leaders Training (PM)
 24 MayP5 Newspaper Collection
P4 Key Leaders Training (PM) 
 28 MayP4 LJ to Frog Farm (4R, I)
 29 MayP3 MTL Camp from 8.10 a.m 
 31 MayP1-P4 Parent Child Teacher Conference

P5-P6 Parent Teacher Meeting. 
9 July-NE Ambassador Training (3.30pm - 5.00pm)
-P3 CCM Lesson
-MTL Fornight launch
-P6 Motivational Talks
10 July-MTL Fortnight  
-Road Run (P3-P6)
11 July-MTL Fortnight
12 JulyMTL Fortnight
15 July-MTL Fortnight
-P4 Science Enrichment
16 July-MTL Fortnight
-NE Ambassador Training (3.30pm - 5.00pm)
-P3 CCM Lesson
17 JulyMTL Fortnight
18 July-MTL Fortnight
-P5/P6 LJ to Indian Heritage Centre 
19 July MTL Fortnight
22 July-Racial Harmony Day 
-P5 English Enrichment
23 July-P4 Hydroponics (4I/4D)
-P3 LJ (3P/3I)
24 July-P3 SEP Silat 
25 July-P4 CCM Lesson
-P5 Piano Recital during Recess
26 July-P4 Code for Fun
-P6 Piano Recital during Recess
29 July-P4 Science Enrichment
-P5 English Enrichment 
30 July-P6 NE Quiz
-Prelim Oral (afternoon) 
31 July-P6 NE Quiz
-P6 Prelim LC
-P3 SEP Silat