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Science Competitions

University of New South Wales International Science Competition

196 pupils from Primary 3 to Primary 6 participated in the UNSW International Science Competition 2014.

We congratulate and are proud of our pupils in this international competition as they achieved 2 High Distinction, 13 Distinctions, 41 Credits, 29 Merits and 111 Participation Certificates this year.


13th Elementz Science Project Competition and Exhibition

Gold Award

Primary 4 Team

Richelle Tong Kai Xuan

Tan Si Ern

Henry Lim You Sheng

Rubeshwaran s/o Annamalai

Sivesh Sivaganesh

Teacher Mentors:     Ms Lee Pei Yu

                              Mrs Joanne Soo


Gold with Presentation Award

Primary 5 Team

Eunice Jade Hormillosa

Glenn Neo Aik Ming

Joel Lim Jun Yi

Karis Lian Yi Ting

Lim Yu Kai

Teacher Mentor:        Mr Yong Lih Tze


Bronze Award

Eco-Science Club Team

Png Jay Sen

Glendon Chee Kong Sin

Lin Ziqi

Mihir Girish Bidkar

Lionel Ong Teng Hong

Teacher Mentor:        Mr Faizal bin Isa



Young they may be, they are certainly Science researchers in the making. Our three teams of pupils from Primary 4 and Primary 5 did well in this competition, achieving a Gold with Presentation, a Gold Award and a Bronze Award.


They take on the role of a Science Researcher, going through the Science investigative process, as well as the Science Report Writing process. The experience they gain through these processes provided a valuable insight into the life of a researcher.


Our school values of perseverance, respect, integrity, diligence and empathy are clearly demonstrated as the pupils work through the project not giving up when they encounter problems, listening to each other’s views, reporting truthfully the experimental results, seeing the entire project to completion, and showing care and concern for their team members. Lessons as such will certainly see the pupils a long way as they pursue learning and Science.


N6 Math and Science Festival@ YCKSS 2014

Team 1 won the 3rd prize for the Furthest Distance Challenge.
Team 1 and 2 won TOP three prizes for Presentation with Powtoon Challenge.