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Head of Department
Mrs Lee-Ong
Subject HeadMdm Loy Su Ann


We aim to

  • sustain curiousity and creativity in our students

  • build confident and respectful learners

  • develop logical and critical thinkers

  • develop active and independent learners

  • develop resourceful problem-solvers who exhibit perseverance and tenacity in the face of adversity


1. Science Enrichment Programme

a. To stretch students’ potential beyond the standard curriculum
b. To develop critical and inventive thinking skills in Science
c. To build confidence in solving non-routine investigations

2. Elementz


a. To develop Science researchers through experiencing a facilitated investigative process.
b. To provide opportunity to demonstrate school’s PRIDE values 
c. To stretch students’ potential in critical and inventive thinking in a broader context

3. Hydroponics and Aeroponics Programme


a. To provide an outdoor learning experience  beyond the science classroom
b. To learn alternative methods of growing plants
c. To develop care and concern for the environment. 
d. To foster values such as perseverance, diligence and mutual respect among students

4. Herb and Spice Programme

a. To arouse curiosity in Science as they grow herbs and spices 
b. To hone their Science Process Skill of observation, 
c. To foster the Joy of Learning while developing an inquiring mind about the environment.

5. Science Answering Techniques Workshop for Parents

To equip parents with the skills to:
a. understand Science open-ended questions
b. analyse the requirements of the questions
c. assist their children in answering Science questions competently and confidently