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PERI Holistic Assessment

Peiying Primary School was selected by MOE as a Phase 1 school to implement PERI Holistic Assessment (HA) to Support Learning & Development of our P1 and P2 pupils. The HA framework that we have introduced in 2011 and are continuously refining includes the following elements:

  • Use of bite-sized’forms of assessment for English, Math and Mother Tongue in P1 and P2 to help build confidence and desire to learn
  • Less emphasis on single-point assessment such as semestral exams in P1 to smoothen transition to primary school
  • Provide our pupils with richer and more holistic feedback on their development and skills acquisition to enable more meaningful learning
  • Provide parents with a more comprehensive “Holistic Development Profile” which captures a fuller picture of your child’s progress and learning throughout the year
  • Provide clear guidelines on the learning outcomes for each subject at the end of every level, to facilitate teachers’ design of appropriate assessment tasks and ensure pupils’ continued mastery of foundational skills



Last Updated ( Wednesday, 6 June 2012 )