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Music and Art


CoordinatorMiss Rosemarie Wong


We aim to
  • develop awareness and appreciation of music in local and global cultures

  • develop ability for creative expression and communication through music

  • provide the basis to develop an informed and life-long involvement in music


1. Handbells

At Primary 1, our students are introduced to handbells. They will go through 4 lessons to master the basic skills of playing the handbells, learn about hand-eye coordination, distinguish the sound of different pitches and the importance of team work. 

Besides learning to play simple rhythms, the students also learn to play the song Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars, which they perform in small groups in class. This gives them the opportunity to be exposed to basic performance and stage etiquette.

2. Digital Music

Our Primary 2 students go through a series of 8 lessons to develop their musicianship through exploration of music arrangements using GarageBand. 

Through the lessons, they acquire basic skills and knowledge related to music production. 

They learn to record and mix their own composition and arrangements. They learn to apply knowledge of essential music elements such as form, structure, melody, rhythm etc. At the same time, our students get to discover and express themselves musically. They are given the opportunity to communicate and present their ideas confidently and to embrace the joy of learning.

3. Boomwhackers

Our students have the opportunity to learn to play the boomwhackers for a term at Primary 5. They learn to understand the usage of boomwhackers, playing a simple song as an ensemble and experience layering of ostinato rhythms. Through these activities, students learn to demonstrate musical abilities such as following the conductor’s lead and to coordinate confidently with their peers to complete an ensemble performance. They learn to apply fundamental musical skills such as listening and musical abilities as required in an ensemble playing.


CoordinatorMs Avery Neo


We aim to

  • foster students’ sense of identity, culture and place in society through Art

  • build students’ capacity to critically discern and process visual information, and communicate effectively in the 21st century 

  • expand students’ imagination and creativity 

  • create a conducive learning environment where students enjoy art, communicate visually, and make meaning through connecting with society and culture


1. P1 Oil Pastel Blending  Enrichment Programme(AMIS)

Our students took colouring to the next level by applying the colour blending technique in their art work. They were taught to apply, manipulate, and blend oil pastels in a multitude of ways to achieve different effects, hues, and textures to emphasise details in an art work.

2. P2 Acrylic Painting on Canvas Enrichment Programme (AMIS)

The process of exploration is one of the most exciting things about acrylic painting! Under the guidance of experienced instructors, students try their hand at acrylic painting on canvas which is a new experience to them, and create texture-rich and vibrant art pieces. 

3. P3-P6 Arts and Cultural Experience Programme (ACE) - Visual Arts 

P3: WAU Kite Making

P4: Clay Diya

P5: Chinese Painting

P6: Printmaking

Art constitutes important ways of knowing and learning about self, others and the world around us. It is a form of language through which personal meanings are generated and cultural identities are formed. Our ACE visual arts programme from P3-6 provides an avenue for our students to develop self and social awareness and appreciate our unique Singaporean forms of expression that are anchored on national values as well as understand and appreciate cultures and traditions beyond Singapore. This enables our students to develop respect for themselves and others, value harmony and thereby cultivating their global awareness and cross cultural skills for the 21st century.