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Tamil Language

Teachers create fun language based activities and games to promote amongst the pupils the love for the Tamil Language. Teachers aim to instill the love for the language through songs and drama.

Pupils actively involved using letters cards to form words. Pupils use clay to form letters.

Peer reading programme "Ondru Koodi Vassipoam" Lets read together (P1 & P2)

This programme is embedded during school's curriculum. This programme is carried out during the first ten minutes of the lesson. Pupils who are better in reading guide those who are average in reading.

Tamil Language Extensive Reading Programme

  • "Puthagam Yen Uyir Naadi" Book-My Pulse Rate (P2-P6)


Pupils borrow books from the class library. Each pupil does post reading activities weekly after every book that has been read. This programme aims to inculcate reading habits amongst the pupils and instill the love for the language.

  • Newspaper Reading Programme (P5 & P6)


This programme aims to promote the Tamil Language through reading the newspaper. Pupils are encouraged to buy the Tamil Murasu. Pupils pen their thoughts and feelings on selected topics. They also discuss about the topics.

Craftwork done during post reading activities

TL Enrichment Programme( P3-P6)
Theatre and Drama Workshop: The programme aims to enhance the good use of the Tamil Language through the theatre. It also creates opportunity for pupils to realize their hidden potential and talents.

Learning Journeys

  • Umar Pulavar Tamil Language Centre (P5 & P6)

Pupils are exposed to the rich Indian Culture through this learning journey.

  • Tamil Murasu (P5-P6)

The journey provides a platform for pupils to know more about journalism. 
It also serves to promote amongst the pupils the love for the language.