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Chinese Language


1. Write and Learn Project

We aim to:
Use an Experiential Learning Approach to enhance the learning of Chinese character writing.
Provide experiential learning using a customised Mini Grid-box Whiteboard, to teach the fundamentals of Chinese character writing.
Provide immediate and constructive feedback to close learning gaps in a safe environment.

2. ePride Project

We aim to:

  • Provide graduating P6 students an opportunity to manifest the PRIDE values through the heartwarming and personalized stories written and produced as e-books.
  • Use an e-Book production application to produce interactive e-books that supports self-directed learning.
  • Use the e-books as CCE teaching and learning resources for the lower primary students.


3. CL Reading Programme

(a) eZhishi.Reading for Lower Primary Students

We aim to:

Provide students with a fun-filled learning experience as they explore the various interactive games and language skills practices which enhance students’ interest in reading and overall reading skills.

(b) “myCLreading” Pilot Project for selected P3 Students

We aim to:
Cultivate in our students the enthusiasm for and the habit of reading Chinese Language books for leisure and to motivate them to share their views on those CL books with their teachers and peers using myCLreading online portal.

(c) Dudu Town Reading programme for P3 to P5 students

We aim to:
Increase students’ motivation in reading, to improve the reading skills, to build vocabulary and enhance the comprehension skills of the students so as to provide them with critical thinking skills to be self-directed learners.