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PERI Holistics Assessment (HA)

  • As part of the PERI recommendations, ‘bite-size’ forms of assessment is used in Primary 1 and Primary 2 to help pupils build their  confidence and a desire to learn
  • Performance task assessment and topical test are carried throughout the year


  • An introduction to financial literacy
  • To help pupils to 

              understand the function of money

              appreciate the importance of saving money

              distinguish the difference between needs and wants

              make informed choices before making purchases


Learning Support for Math (LSM)

  • Helps P1 and P2 pupils who are weak in basic numeracy skills
  • Pupils are first identified through the School Readiness Test (SRT)
  • Pupils who are identified through the SRT will take the SMART-ALT Test
  • P1 and P2 pupils are then identified for LSM after the test
  • Pupils are taught in small groups and in a non-threatening environment
Maths Programme.JPG

Math Enrichment Programme

  • To allow Primary 4 to Primary 6  pupils to pursue their interest in Math and maximize their potential beyond the standard curriculum
  • To develop higher-order problem-solving skills
  • To stimulate creative and critical thinking in Mathematics
  • To equip pupils with more confidence in solving non-routine questions


Focus Group Teaching

  • P5 & P6 pupils who are weak in Math are taught in a small group and given more attention during curriculum
  • Pupils are identified based on their P4/P5 SA2 Math results


Math Buddy Programme

  • Additional help is given to P6 pupils who are weak in Math
  • Provides opportunities for high ability pupils to tutor their peers in Math
  • Pupils who are weak in Math are paired with their peers who are stronger in Math




updated : Wednesday, 31 July 2013