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The School provides opportunity for each child to engage in Self-directed Learning and Collaborative Learning in an Wireless Environment digitally-rich in infocomm tools.

The Peiying pupil will have the opportunity to engage in learning activities utilizing a variety of ICT platforms. They are infocomm-savvy and digitally ready to harness the potential of ICT in meeting the technology-driven needs of the future.

All classrooms are equipped with a Desktop PC, Visualiser, Projector and Interactive White Board. In addition, classes are have the opportunity to engage in ICT infused lessons either in the ICT Labs or using Mobile Carts.

The school also subscribes to a Learning Management System (LMS) http://www.lead.com.sg for online learning content to enhance teaching and learning in addition to utilising web-based learning tools.

Interactive Whiteboards in every classroom
Mobile learning in a Wireless-enabled environment
ICT Lab 1 (Desktop PCs)
ICT Lab 2 (Desktop PCs)
ICT Lab 3 (Desktop PCs)
ICT Lab 4 (iMac)
PDAs in Learning Trails
Robotics Appreciation Programme
E-Book Creation using Tablet PCs (P5 / P6)
Oratorical Skills using MP3 Players (P2 / P5)
Digital Media Exposure in News casting (P5 / P6)
Video Editing and Podcasting on iMacs (P5 / P6)
School subscribed LMS portal to access on-line lessons and assignments (P1 to P6)