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Total Curriculum Framework

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Teaching and Learning in Peiying Primary School is guided by a Total Curriculum Framework.

At Peiying Primary School, the underpinning philosophy of teaching and learning is the belief that every child can learn, improve and fulfil his potential to become contributing citizens.

Central to the Peiying brand of education is the nurture of individuals who would be leaders of character, engaged and resilient learners and caring citizens

This is in line with our school’s vision, mission, core values and strategic thrusts and resonates with the Desired Outcomes of Education (Confident Person, Self-Directed Learner, Active Contributor, Concerned Citizen).

The three interconnected components of the Singapore Teaching Practice: Singapore Curriculum Philosophy, Pedagogical Practices and Knowledge Bases provide the tenets for effective teaching and learning in the school.

 In the delivery of the Total Curriculum in Peiying, all staff consciously infuse Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge (ASK). Attitudes are built through the inculcation of values, Skills are honed through the practice of 21CC and SEC. Knowledge is instilled through the content in both the curriculum and the co-curriculum.

To ensure the successful implementation of the Total Curriculum, the school leadership provides the necessary support and prioritises the building of staff capability to be facilitators of learning to prepare students to meet the demands of the 21st Century.  This is evident in how the Strategic Plan has been drawn up, with Staff Well-being and Development as one of its three strategic objectives. The other two strategic thrusts, namely, Academic Excellence and Character Development, support the focus of the Total Curriculum Framework to deliver holistic education which is student-centred and values-based.