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Principal's Message 2021

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It is my great honour to join Peiying Primary school, a school with Pride. PRIDE is the key defining word of our vision. It embodies our core values that influence the mindset of our school community - Steeped in values, we strive to excel.

Peiying Primary school has a long history in the Yishun estate. It was formerly known as Poi Eng Public School and is one of the oldest schools in Nee Soon. Its roots can be traced back to 1919. Poi Eng Public School was then relocated to Yishun Ring Road in 1987 and was renamed as Peiying Primary School. In Chinese, ‘Pei Ying’ means ‘to nurture citizens for nation building’. 

Being the 6th Principal of the school, I have taken over the baton from Mr K. Govindan who has led the school from 2014 to 2020. Under Mr K. Govindan’s leadership, the school has blossomed and school distinctive programmes such as the Applied Learning Programme “Project Think for Home Earth” and Learning for Life Programme “SCALE@PEIYING - Sports, Character Development and Adventure Learning Experiences @ Peiying” were conceptualized. Lessons are now enacted school-wide to instill in students values, skills, attitudes and 21st century skills.  Mr K. Govindan has since retired from the education service and we thank him for his wisdom, time and effort in leading the school forward.

As I continue to lead the school, my staff and I hope to work closely with parents and the community to seize opportunities for our students to create new value and be innovative especially in this pandemic period. COVID-19 is a global crisis with consequences for people as well as systems around the world. It has impacted all our lives and the new reality has amplified and uncovered the urgency to rethink education, teaching and learning. Learning is not just about grades, it is also about caring for students’ well-being.

In Peiying Primary School, we design lessons for students to be curious, ask questions and be inquisitive. Children now are more aware of the world and things happening around them. Their motivation and engagement are even more important now as their learning process partially takes place outside the school.  As such, we hope to work with parents and the community to nurture students to take charge of their learning, be motivated to learn and take responsibility in the things they do. Learning is about discovery, asking questions and having an openness towards new things. As learners, they must have the time and space to discover their interests and passions. 

Peiying Primary has the hallmark of a fine school. It is steeped in traditions and values. At the same time, we are also agile, adaptable and forward thinking to keep in pace with the new educational developments that are happening around us. Education in Peiying Primary School prepares students not just for the present. We strive to equip students with skills so that they are future-ready.

To illustrate with some examples; students get to play a card game “Super Learners” during Chinese lessons and they reinforce their learning through the Student Learning Space platform. Through the game, the students learnt about Chinese characters, acquire digital literacy skills as well as social-emotional skills such as teamwork and respect. For Physical Education lessons, keeping in mind safe management measures, student learnt about different types of sports and are engaged in outdoor experiential learning. Cooperative games like “Island Movers” enhance students’ social emotional competencies as they learn to look out for one another during games.

All the staff in Peiying Primary School strongly believe in Building Character, Enriching Lives and Stretching Potential. We value and embrace every child who enters our school and we put in our best efforts to nurture them to become engaged and resilient learners, caring citizens and leaders of character. Our sacred mission in Peiying Primary is to encourage our students to find their passion and to dream. Parents, we hope to partner you in this journey so that your child will grow in wisdom and develop courage to face whatever uncertainties that may come his/her way. We want to inspire them to seize the day!

Mrs Peh-Wong Wei Yong

Principal, Peiying Primary School