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Principal's Message

This year, Peiying Primary received our 31st batch of Primary 1 students. In the last 30 years, many students have entered the portals of Peiying Primary; some chirpy and bright-eyed from the start, others quiet and shy. But it is always heartening to watch the students develop into confident, young individuals during their time in Peiying Primary School. 

Being entrusted with ‘moulding the future of our nation’ is daunting, yet most fulfilling. With three decades of educating students behind us, we are starting to see the fruits of our labour of love.   Many of our former students have blossomed into happy adulthood and are in meaningful vocations such as film producers, engineers, auditors, lawyers, photographers, teachers, doctors and army officers. One of our former students became a President’s Scholar. Indeed we are proud that many of our students have grown into successful adulthood.

The Peiying brand of education focuses on the holistic development of students so as to prepare them for work and life. Our mission is to build character, enrich lives and stretch potential. Hence, while the school ensures that our students build strong foundations in cognitive areas, much importance is placed in the infusion of character-building and 21st century competencies. In the design of school experiences for our students, we are guided by our Total Curriculum Framework that places emphases on the inculcation of ‘attitudes, skills and knowledge’ that will be fundamental for students to develop into all rounded individuals.

Many of our students have attested to the fact that learning is fun and exciting in Peiying.  Our programmes are broad-based, holistic and engaging. Our students experience joy of learning through a wide range of activities such as outdoor education, exposure to art and music, coding programmes and field trips.  SCALE@Peiying, our Learning for Life Programme (LLP), is a 6-year sports and outdoor adventure education programme which helps our students develop resilience through intellectual and physical challenges.

Schools may have a myriad of activities and programmes, but the key to the success of achieving the desired learning outcomes are the teachers who carry out the programme. One primary six student said “My teachers and friends over the six years have really made a great impact in my life. They always showed me care and concern…” Our teachers teach with commitment and care with their hearts.

P6R (2017) students have aptly described how they have grown in the years spent in Peiying:

Remembering the years we have spent together as a class

Experiencing failure before tasting success

Searching for our identity and seeking beauty within us

Piecing the solitary parts into a whole

Expecting the best from ourselves and having no regrets

Cherishing the shared moments and seizing the day

Thankful for every act of kindness strewn our way

Moving forward, the school will continue to build on its strengths as a good school, respond to shifts in the external environment, and continue to review current processes to cater to the needs of our students to build a School with PRIDE. My staff and I look forward to working in partnership with you. We value our parents as our partners in education.  Please continue to communicate and provide us with feedback through the usual channels.  You can also email me through the school’s email address, peiying_ps@moe.edu.sg.  

Mr K. Govindan