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Principal's Message

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As we bid farewell to our 2018 P6 cohort, we also want to extend a warm welcome to our 2019 cohort of P1 students. We are mindful that these young charges will be the ‘future of our nation’ and it is our mission to stretch their potential, build their character and enrich their lives.

Peiying Primary School focuses on the holistic development of our students to prepare them for work and life. The school’s continued focus on  holistic education syncs very well with recent announcements by the Minister for Education, Mr Ong Ye Kung on changes to assessment practices for both primary and secondary schools. These include the removal of all weighted assessments and examinations for Primary 1 and 2 from 2019.  This will help free up time for our teachers to engage our students to discover the joy of learning and focus on the true spirit of learning. The changes will also help reduce over-emphasis on examinations and grades, and improve the balance between the joy of learning and the rigour of education.

While the school maintains rigour in helping our students build strong foundations in Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Science, much importance is also placed in the infusion of character-building and 21st century competencies. Our broad-based, holistic and engaging programmes are aimed at creating joy in learning. This is done through a wide range of activities such as outdoor education, exposure to Art and Music, coding programmes and field trips.  

With the completion of the PERI upgrading project, the school now enjoys new facilities such as the Indoor Sports Hall, PAL room and a Student Care Centre.  All these facilities create a “home in a school” experience aimed at strengthening the holistic education the school provides. Two key features of the PERI upgrading project are the enhancement of our Peiying Primary School Adventure Centre (PYSAC), or Adventure Land and the re-development of our Eco-Garden into Eco-Land which houses an outdoor classroom.

Adventure Land supports our school’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP), which is Sports, Character Development and Adventure Learning Experiences (SCALE@ Peiying). SCALE@Peiying is a 6-year sports and outdoor adventure education programme which helps our students develop resilience through intellectual and physical challenges. Eco-Land will open up new hands-on learning experiences for our students. In addition to some Science lessons being  carried out in Eco-Land, outdoor lessons for subjects such as Language classes and Mathematics are in the pipeline. Interdisciplinary trails in Ecoland would also add excitement for students in Peiying.

The various programmes that we have planned for our students will come to nought if we do not have teachers who are committed and caring. A group of students from 6R (2018) aptly described our teachers as such: “Looking back at our school experience, we cannot help but mention our teachers. For us, it’s all about the teachers. Teachers in Peiying Primary School are really passionate and committed about teaching. They are exceptionally caring and dedicated. Every kid needs a champion and we believe that in Peiying all of us have teachers whom we know care for us. Our learning life in school has been made richer as a direct result of Peiying’s caring teachers. This is the best gift that Peiying has given us….’

The school will continue to build on its strengths as a good school. We will strive to be innovative in our approach to teaching and learning to better cater to the needs of our students, inculcate enthusiasm for learning so as to groom life-long learners and to build a School with PRIDE.

Parents are always our valuable partners-in-education. Let us continue to work together to nurture our children to be the best that they can be. Please continue to communicate and provide us with feedback and suggestions through the usual channels. You can also email me through the school’s email address,  

Mr K. Govindan