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Primary 2

Year Head: Miss Rosemarie Wong

Please allow teachers up to 3 days to reply to your email queries. 
For urgent matters, please contact the teacher through the General Office at 62575684.

ClassForm TeacherCo-form Teacher

 2 Courage

 Mr Mohamad Ikhwan

Ms Ting Shu Han  

2 Perseverance

 Mdm Ng Kang Ping

2 Respect

 Ms Nur Faiszah Ishak

 Ms Soh Mun Leng

 2 Integrity

 Mr Faizal Bin Isa 

Mrs Ong Aun Nam

2 Diligence 

Ms Ten Li Hui Jacqueline

Mdm Daisy Leela

2 Empathy 

 Ms Koo Yingjia

Mrs Lilian Mani

2 Wisdom 

 Ms Vanitha

Ms Or Mary