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Mission, Vision and Core Values


A School with PRIDE 

PRIDE is the key defining word of our vision. It embodies our core values that will influence the mindset of our school community. Steeped in values, we strive to excel.


Building  Character
Building Character  is the core of our mission and sets the foundation for programme development. All our pupils should stand tall in Character and all our staff demonstrate exemplary behaviour.
Enriching Lives

Enriching Lives  is about providing our school community with a holistic education and skills to face the challenges of the 21st Century.

Stretching PoTential

Stretching Potential  is about giving opportunities to all to excel to the best of their ability.

Core Values


We shall pursue relentlessly, remain resolute in working towards goals and objectives set.

It is:
  • Determination to succeed
  • Having tenacity to do our best
  • Giving one’s best
  • Overcoming obstacles and challenges
It is NOT:
  • Being obstinate
  • Doing things aimlessly
  • Taking shortcuts


We show kindness and politeness in word and deed.

It is:
  • Being appreciative
  • Treating others with dignity
  • Accepting each as individual
  • Serving with sincerity
It is NOT:
  • Being submissive
  • Having no personal opinion
  • Showing to those of authority only


We value honesty, truthfulness and righteousness.

It is:
  • Being honest
  • Distinguishing right from wrong
  • Walking-the-talk in all that we do
  • Upholding right values
It is NOT:
  • Pursuing personal glory
  • Being insensitive
  • Taking credits


We embrace learning and hardwork.

It is:
  • Being self-motivated
  • Focusing on task
  • Working wholeheartedly
  • Doing with pride
It is NOT:
  • Doing for the sake of doing
  • Being complacent
  • Handing work on time


We demonstrate love and compassion.

It is:
  • Caring for self and others
  • Going the extra mile
  • Contributing to society
  • Caring for the environment
It is NOT:
  • Doing deeds that will hurt others
  • Using words of abuse on others
  • Being insensitive to others