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Key Programmes

Student-centric values-driven holistic education

At Peiying Primary School, the underpinning philosophy of teaching and learning is the belief that every child can learn, improve and fulfil his potential to become contributing citizens. The school seeks to stretch the potential of its students, build character and enrich lives. With the student at the centre of the curriculum, the school adopts various pedagogies to engage and motivate as we deliver content knowledge and skills with the infusion of core values in a safe and nurturing environment. The key programmes in the school are specially planned and designed to stretch the potential in each and every child to make learning at Peiying fun and  meaningful.

Applied Learning Programme (ALP): Project THINK (Thinking Holistic Innovative Networked Kids) for Home Earth since 2019

Project THINK for Home Earth is focused on environment education and is designed to enable P1 to P6 students to be ‘future-ready’. This is done by enabling them to be environmentally literate individuals who can understand environmental issues and how human decisions affect environmental quality. Through this programme, students will learn how to use the knowledge they have about the environment to problem-solve and derive innovative solutions.



Code for Fun

code for fun.png
All P3 & P4 students go through a 20-hour Robotics programme that spans two years. Students starts learning the fundamentals of computational thinking at Primary 3 and the programme is continued at Primary 4. 

This programme offers a fun and interactive way for students to learn programming skills. In addition, it  enhances logical   thinking, analytical skills and how  students organise  data. The skills learnt are subsequently applied in the Project Work of the students.


Learning for Life Programme (LLP)


A unique feature of Peiying Primary School is our ‘Adventure Tower’, which supports the emphasis given to Sports and Outdoor Education. Sports and Outdoor Education has a natural affordance for students to clarify and act on their personal values and demonstrate positive emotions and social behaviours. The interaction and problem-solving nature of sports and outdoor education activities allows students to have numerous instances to communicate and interact positively with others, source for information and as well to think critically and creatively. These are important skills which are necessary for 21st century living.   

Leveraging the school’s strengths in Sports and Outdoor Education, in 2014, we conceptualised Sports, Character Development and Adventure Learning Experiences@Peiying - SCALE@Peiying as a Learning for Life Programme (LLP). It is a 6-year sports and outdoor education programme that provides students with real-life experiential learning to develop their character and values, cultivate positive attitudes, self-expression and strengthen their interaction skills. SCALE@PEIYING resonates the importance of character development as an integral part of holistic education and is aligned to MOE DOEs and the school’s SVOs. 

Celebration of Learning - For students, by students

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This is a platform that was first created in 2012 for students to share their knowledge and demonstrate skills such as communication and collaboration. In addition, attitudes that reflect school core values taught and learnt across all subject disciplines can be manifested. It is held at the end of Term 4.

The competencies learnt by students are creatively put to use as each team from P3 to P6 is given the choice to select the subject and topic they want to work on. Students set up booths to share their scientific investigations, show how something works or challenge others with mathematics or language games.  In addition to being self-directed learners, and being involved in decision-making, Celebration of Learning challenges the entrepreneurial dare in students.

Arts and Cultural Experience Programme (ACE)

Students from P3 – P6 gain exposure to the rich cultural heritage in Singapore through the school-wide ACE programme.  This provides different platforms for our students to learn more about our multi-racial community and strengthen the Singapore Spirit. 

Through this programme our students learn to appreciate our diverse cultural heritage through activities that range from learning to play in a kompang group to picking up Chinese Opera skills.


Project Work

In Peiying, Project Work is an integrated learning experience which aims to provide students with the opportunity to synthesise knowledge from various areas of learning, and critically and creatively apply it to real life situations. This process, which enhances students’ knowledge and enables them to acquire 21st Century competencies like collaboration, communication and independent learning, prepares them for lifelong learning and the challenges ahead in this fast-changing environment. All students from Primary 1 onwards participate in Project Work.


Scientopia is a Science board game that enhances the joy of learning. It is a Peiying innovation that seeks to engage our students in the learning of Science in a fun and interactive way. It is a board game that closely parallels the Primary Science Syllabus, making its use in class seamless. Scientopia helps students understand and appreciate the world around them better. Scientopia is developed to incorporate values education in the teaching and learning of Science. For instance, students learn that perseverance and integrity are critical as a scientist works on their research and in writing their research papers.

MTL Innovative Projects

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In line with the culture of learning and innovation, the MTL department develops T&L programmes to cater to students’ needs, interests and talents. CL Write & Learn project integrates Experiential Learning and Formative Assessment in the process of learning. It makes writing fun for all lower primary students. The Tamil Language Oral 
Package is a customised resource for lower primary students to learn TL oral skills in a fun, interesting and authentic manner. The ebook project by P6 Malay Language students has been extended to Language learning. The ebooks created by the students are used to engage ML students in interactive language activities.