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I saw my firstborn blossom...

“Enrolling my first born in Peiying Primary School seven years ago is a decision I will never regret. I saw my firstborn blossom from a clingy child who has never accepted school life throughout her kindergarten years to one who loved going to school. Without the love, assurance and guidance from the dedicated Lower Primary teachers, such catalysed transformation would not have been possible. The decision to  enrol my second child in Peiying two years later came naturally  without second thought.”

Mdm Linda Soon, parent

We have made many friends...

“Peiying Primary School has provided us with many learning opportunities and made us realise that the sky is the limit. We have learnt that with perseverance and diligence, we are able to achieve the goals that we set. In Peiying, we also learn the importance of  friendships. We have made many friends during these  wonderful six years in Peiying.”

Nur Sakina, Aswari, Hamdan & Choon Kiat, students (Pr 6 Diligence, 2015)

I would not be half the person that I am...

“The education that I received in Peiying has certainly given me a strong head start in life. I would not be half the person that I am today if not for   Peiying and the teachers at Peiying.”

Joel Lim
(Class of 6A 1996)
Senior Associate, Allen & Gledhill LLP

“My six years in Peiying have taught me a lot. I learnt to persevere in the face of  difficulties, to be honest and do the right thing even when no one is looking. I also learn to work hard in order to achieve good grades and to care for others.”

Rou Yan, student 
(Pr 6 Perseverance, 2014)

“I will not forget the teachers who have taught me and my friends whom I have become close to, during my years in Peiying Primary School. The teachers certainly opened my eyes to new possibilities. I have learnt a lot from them.”

A Mon Thet, student
(Pr 6 Integrity, 2014)

“I am thankful that my children are part of the Peiying family. We have always felt satisfied with the education our children have been receiving at Peiying Primary School. The school emphasises not just on academics but also on character and leadership development. The five core values of the school which have been instilled in my children have made them well-rounded individuals.”

Mr Yusoff, parent