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Joy of Learning

Learning is fun at Peiying. Our programmes are broad-based, holistic and engaging. Learning is exciting and is enhanced by a wide range of experiences such as outdoor education, exposure to art and music, coding programmes and field trips. 

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It was fun performing for our classmates. We had created amazing memories which we would treasure. We learned how to work together as a team. We had learned the importance of encouraging our friends to make right decisions through ‘Conscience Alley’. The PAL Drama lessons had taught us how to express our feelings. We had chances to create our own freeze frames. The lessons had also helped us discover our love for drama.

-Edelyn, Yinuo, Zakyah, Evans, Joseph and Hong Hao (1 Courage, 2019)

Our visit to the frog farm was very enriching. We got to do things that we have never done before. We fed the frogs, ducks and fishes. We not only got to learn about the life cycle of a frog, but we also got to see and touch them at the various stages of their life cycle. It was a new experience for all of us. We had also learnt how to differentiate between a frog and a toad. The guides took the trouble to explain all the information to us in detail, so we showed them respect by giving them our full attention. It was indeed a fun-filled learning experience for all of us.

-Xiao Jie, Kenji, Hui Xin, Zach and Saanjhaay (4 Respect, 2019)

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We had lots of creative fun during our finger painting session today! We had to innovate and create other colours so we mixed our paints and created new colours ourselves. We had learnt to respect one another and displayed empathy when we took turns and shared the paints with one another.

-Ding Hao, Sharlyn, Amos, Le En, Niranjanaa, Kavya (1 Empathy, 2018)

We had learnt to use the boomwhackers to create beats and rhythms. We had also learnt to respect our friends’ views during teamwork. We created our own formation and dance movements and had to do a short presentation. It was not an easy task but we enjoyed learning and working together.

-Darshen, Edwin, Zheng Yuan, Hebe, Sharon (1 Perseverance, 2018)

We were happy when we reached the museum and spotted the old red mailbox outside. We had learnt many things at the museum. We had learnt a lot about the other countries when we looked at the stamps from those countries. We enjoyed looking at the different types of stamps. The stamps come in many colours and some have different smells. We were very excited to see the Penny Black stamp too.

At the end of our visit, we felt very happy that we could post our letters outside the museum.

-Eliot, Koh Wen, Huzaifah, Anabelle, Ziyi (2 Diligence, 2018) 

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