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PBL @ Peiying

This instructional pedagogy allows pupils to take greater ownership of their learning. Pupils develop the ability to understand and make connections among the ideas, science concepts and everyday life. They develop higher order thinking skills necessary to become independent and confident problem solvers.

Pupils need to equip themselves with the 21st Century Skills (C2015) to make connections between the Science curriculum and real-life problems which they may face in the future. With these skills, pupils learn to enjoy problem-solving, and do so confidently.

Meeting the PBL problem trigger and analysing it as a group

Collaborative learning through online sharing of research on the Google doc

Inquiry through investigative experiment @ the Science Laboratory

Self-directed learning through research @ the School Library


 Pupils, as ‘NeWater Scientists’, setting out to understand more about Singapore’s water sources

Pupils presenting their findings to their classmates during a Gallery Walk