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Fun Scienze for Lower Primary

Fun Scienze for Lower Primary is an innovative initiative by our teachers for our pupils. It aims to promote early exposure of our pupils to Science, when the young minds are still very inquisitive about the world around them and are uninhibited to question their observations.
Being responsible and caring for the living things and the environment are values instilled in our pupils through learning journeys and facilitated discussions.

Fun Scienze - Learning Journey to Singapore Botanic Gardens

Pupils are engaged in hands-on tree bark rubbing activity at the Singapore Botanic Gardens



Fun Scienze – Experiencing Science in School

Pupil found a leaf suitable for the leaf

imprinting activity

Pupils investigating growth rates of green

bean plants and red bean plants

Fun Scienze - Learning Journey toSingaporeZoological Garden

Pupils are excited and all ready to find out more about the animals they are about

to meet at the Singapore Zoological Gardens.