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Junior (Zonal - 4th)



Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Instrumental Ensemble Angklung Competition

Certificate of Accomplishment (2016)

Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) International Dance Competition

Certificate of Accomplishment (2016)




- Puan Noor Aishah Award

8th Gold [Year Of Assessment (YOA) - 2015]

Red Cross Youth

- Excellent Units Award (EUA)

15th Gold [YOA - 2015]



 Singapore Mathematical Olympiad organised by Hwa Chong Institution

 Toh Jun Hao, 6W (Bronze)

National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore organised by NUS High School

Rishii Parthasarathy, 5E (Bronze)


Rubeshwaran S/O Annamalai, 5D (Bronze)


Honourable Mention:


Alvis Loh Yu Xiang, 5D

Lim Yu Ting, 5E

Pang Zheng Ning Ryan , 5I

Richelle Tong Kai Xuan, 5I

Sanyukta Arunkumar, 4R

Vuppu Nagarajan Yuvenraaj, 5I


 N6 Cluster Media and Design Festival



Overall : 3rd position


Videography (Upper Primary): 3rd

Tan Wen Wen (P6P)

Tan Yi Xuan Winnie (P5P)

Che Hong Seng (P5D)

Sebastian Soh Poh Seng (P5D)


3D Animation (Upper Primary): 2nd

Koh Win (P6I)

Rishii Parthasarathy (P6E)

Jamie Lim Jing Yi (P6I)

Tan Yong Ray (P6D)


Robotics (Upper Primary): 3rd

Pang Zheng Ning Ryan (P6I )

Yap Jun Wen, Nicholas (P6D)

Sivesh Sivaganesh (P6E)





Muthamizh Vizha 2016



Rishii Parthasarathy, 6E, received a consolation in the Oratory Contest




Muthamil Challenge 2016



Nandhini Vinoth, P2D, won the 2nd prize in the Show & Tell Competition

Surender Rikesh, P3R, won the 1st prize in the Singing Competition

Sanyukta Arun Kumar, P5D, won the 2nd prize in the Story-Telling Competition

Saadhanaa Sivaraam, P5R, won a consolation prize in the Story-Telling Competition

15 th Elementz Science Project Competition 2016

Team 1: Silver Award (Teacher Mentors: Mrs Avery Neo & Mrs Joanne Soo)

1. Khok Jie Ying

2. Ng Zi Shuen

3. Sanyukta Arunkumar

4. Lim Yu Jie

5. Marisa Renjia Lee


Team 2 (Eco-Science Club): Bronze Award (Teacher Mentor: Mr Faizal)

1. Mihir Girish Bidkar

2. Glendon Chee Kong Sin

3. Lionel Ong Teng Hong

4. Png Jay Sen

5. Lin Ziqi


Team 3: Silver Award (Teacher Mentors: Mrs June Lau & Mr Yong)

1. Ngim Hui Yue

2. Tay Xiu Qi, Debbie

3. Yeo Kee Ching, Eunice

4. Lee Xueyu, Axel

5. Malcolm Pye Thant